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3 weeks ago

Another DIY that I thought would be a fun challenge. Now… you can buy a hoop skirt petticoat for pretty cheap online, but doing it yourself would allow you to customize the size or shape, sometimes you want something a bit more unique. You can find a great tutorial for…

4 weeks ago

When planning for my next set of costumes, I realized that I simply couldnt work on the costumes the way I needed to while wearing them or simply laying them flat… a mannequin was in my future. I didn’t want to buy one just yet, although there are affordable options…

2 months ago

Do you know what Hogwarts house you belong to? If you are reading this, there is a good chance you do! (If not, never fear. You can take the official sorting quiz at Now you can show off your house pride with a DIY Hogwarts House tie! Never fear, a…



Hi! I'm Alyce.
Welcome to my journey towards living a happier and healthier life while living with PTSD and chronic pain... and never letting it keep me from my passion for Halloween, cooking, and way too many DIY projects... all at the same time!

Costume & Makeup Tutorials


  • Happy Birthday to me! 28 has truly snuck up on my this year, but each year older keeps getting better so bring it on! Today's makeup is  a "trick candle gone wrong" that was inspired by Seamus Finnigan's character in the Harry Potter movies when he continuously blows things up... and also by my desire for a large birthday cake! 
I used a glycerin based prosthetic gel to smooth down my brows, covered by latex, but I don't think I was super successful in blocking them out. Something to work on. 
Either way, this one was a fun and goofy makeup, followed by CAKE! Because you are not fully adulting if you don't sometimes let yourself eat right into the cake.
  • Sticking with the Alice in Wonderland theme for look number 2, here is my Cheshire Cat makeup for my mad tea party shoot! Again, I wanted a lighter version vs. full face. Good thing too, because I learned why water activated paints are NOT ideal for super hot weather, I'm honestly just happy it stayed on long enough to photograph! Also, has anyone figured out a way to keep cat eye/snake eye contacts from spinning sideways? It appears that's how they prefer to sit 🙃
  • I'm late, I'm late,
For a very important date.
No time to say hello, goodbye,
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Seeing as I'm already tracking behind on my 100 days of makeup, I felt it was appropriate to share my white rabbit from my recent Alice in Wonderland tea party shoot. I wanted to keep the makeup more simple, adding rabbit esthetics vs. a whole face. Red eyes are common with real white rabbits, and I added the clock around the eye, which was an inspiration from Pinterest, but I couldn't find the original upload to credit. Overall, this turned out great considering I hadn't practiced before the shoot. Here is your "late" look 1 for 100 days of Halloween!
  • True to myself, I let my grand plan get away from me!!! This year, I want to build on my sfx makeup. I can rock a zombie, but have zero experience with old age, animals, plus so much more, and would love to learn how to sculpt my own prosthetics. If the last 2 years of 30 days of Halloween weren't already a ton of work... I'm going to do 100 days of Halloween makeup. But, no pressure. I'm going to *try* to post a makeup look everyday for the next 100 days. Great, good, or omg what were you thinking. Hopefully I'll learn a ton, and produce a couple of cool looks along the way.
  • Halloween is in 100 DAYS AND COUNTING! Time to bring the bat mug out of retirement, and add some pumpkin spice back into my diet... stay tuned, my next big project will be announced very shortly... 🎃
  • Through the looking glass. I think the use of a mirror could be really cool in a wedding photo shoot, and would be extra appropriate in an Wonderland wedding! The Alice in Wonderland wedding dress tutorial is now on the blog, link in bio!
  • If I didn't love my red hair so much, I could really consider going blonde after this shoot. Maybe I can still do the bangs this fall? Who knows! More pics of this Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding dress on the blog... tutorial coming soon! Link in bio.
  • Summer sun! I loved this unintentional sun flare, and even though this pose looks a bit dramatic, I loved this shot!
  • This blue just kills me! Swoon. I had originally thought about doing more embellishments on the skirt, but couldn't bear to change it once it was finished. More pictures on the blog, link in bio!


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