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4 weeks ago

Hey Guys! So, its been two weeks since I have last written, and it has actually been pretty fabulous. I think we all need to take a break sometime. There is a lot of pressure to keep a consistent schedule, but sometimes that isn’t realistic. I’ve been focusing on physical…

1 month ago

Peppermint Toads were never given a super thorough description in the Harry Potter novels, so there are many ways these could be interpreted, from peppermint patty to a peppermint marshmallow. In this DIY, I went the route of peppermint flavored chocolate, very similar to the Chocolate Frog. I even found…

2 months ago

One of the greatest lessons I learned about living with PTSD was that I have a mental disorder. What I mean by this is that I am NORMAL. I spent years feeling like I was less than, broken, or inadequate because of the struggles in my mind. Because I am…

2 months ago

During the sorting ceremony, the sorting hat always pays homage to the four houses of Hogwarts: Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. These ornaments are a great way to represent the houses in your decor! Hogwarts House Ornaments You will need: Clear ornament globes Construction paper in: red, yellow, black, blue,…

2 months ago

Happy New Year and Happy 2nd Birthday to Mad Like Alyce! It’s hard for me to believe I have only been blogging for 2 years, but I’m still loving every moment of it. Here is a quick trip down memory lane at some of my favorite posts of 2016. Mission…

2 months ago

Harry Potter’s first ride on the Hogwart’s Express introduced him to his best friends, and to the wide array of wizarding sweets. The most notable from that ride were the Chocolate Frogs and the cards that accompanied them. While many tutorials show ways to make a more gelatinous frog that…

2 months ago

I have started and stopped this post multiple times, deleting everything and beginning again from scratch. The truth is, it’s incredibly difficult to talk about fear, and there simply is no way to discuss chronic pain and flare ups without including the topic of fear. It wasn’t really even a…



Hi! I'm Alyce.
Welcome to my journey towards living a happier and healthier life while living with PTSD and chronic pain... and never letting it keep me from my passion for Halloween, cooking, and way too many DIY projects... all at the same time!

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  • Probably the only bar on the strip that keeps their lit sign inside... but excellent once your find it at Brooklyn Bowl.
  • Vivaaaaa Las Vegas!
  • Found this quote today and had to share. Words have the power to shape our world, or allow us to escape from it. #iamwriting #writersofinstagram
  • When your boss has the hookup... now to look at the serving size or remain blissfully unaware 😇. #girlscoutcookies #samoas #omnomnom
  • I wish I could get half as relaxed as Mystic does. Snoring with her eyes and mouth open. 😂😂😂 #relaxed #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #companionanimal #anxiety
  • Already in love with my new toy. Time to take these costumes to the next level! #halloween #costumes #sewing #eeek!
  • Lemon zinger tea to nurse this cold through work. #coldseason #tea #ratherbeinbed
  • Sometimes all it takes is a little time, perspective and faith. #goodthings #trustyourself
  • Life with a Velcro dog #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #snuggles #thisishowiwork


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