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For a cheap and easy Halloween serving tray, all you need is black and white spray paint and masking tape! And, ideally, a tray. The best part is you can transform just about any type of tray into this Jack Skellington reminiscent striped design, regardless of the style of tray. I found this particular wicker tray at Savers for just $2.

You will need:

  • Tray
  • Black & White spray paint
  • Plastic garbage bag or tarp
  • Masking tape


1. Start by spraying the entire bottom of your tray solid white. A garbage bag will work well to keep paint off of your floor or grass. While you are not painting the sides, I wouldn’t be too concerned about getting white on it just now. Allow paint to dry according to instructions. Mine had a good 24 hours to dry before I went to step 2, but your drying time may vary.


2. Once the white paint is dry, use masking tape to mark off the stripes, leaving spaces between each the same width as your tape. Make sure to get all the way up to the sides, without going up onto the sides. I used a few smaller torn pieces of the masking tape to get up as close as possible.


3. Once you have gotten the stripes taped off, spray the entire bottom and sides of the tray, including the exterior sides. Allow to dry according to paint instructions.

4. Once your paint is dry, simply peel up the tape. A tweezers or sharp knife edge might help when prying up the edge of the tape to get started.


Top with your desired items and serve!


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