Mad Like Alyce

This week, I discovered Dorothy, who’s brazen voice has been on replay almost constantly. My favorites are After Midnight, Gun in My Hand, and Raise Hell.

If Animal from the Muppets was the lead singer in band, this would be that band. I actually love the juxtaposition between the lead male and female singers, and hope you will too. Start out with Summer Dress and Gentleman. I also recommend the video, which has a great feel good vibe in the interactions of the band members and an excellent energy.

Bad Seed Rising has a great hand-banger anthem with Wolves at the Door, and I also really enjoyed the self named track, Bad Seed Rising.

Welshly Arms has a unique sound that I enjoyed almost as much as Dorothy, and plan to scour their “similar artists” page in the coming week. For now, my two top tracks are Hold On I’m Coming and We Move Easy.

Claire Wright didn’t immediately make it to this list until I heard Chemistry, which has good feeling to it, and was immediately stuck on my head. I felt for that itself, it deserves to make the cut!

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