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Mid Year Goal Review: Moving Targets

With the last week being so hectic I didn’t even have time to check my personal Facebook much less write a blog post, it definitely resonates with how everything has felt the past six months! To keep myself accountable, here is an update on my New Years Goals, and further proof that all goals really need to be moving targets to be realistic.

Read 45 books in 2015

Ive gotten 37 under my belt thus far, so at least I am on track to crush one of my goals! Though a lot have been re-reads from past years, I am pretty pleased with some of the new additions I have found, and will be sharing them in my shifted goal below.

Share 1 new song/artist each week

Honestly, I forgot about this one. Instead, I have had fun experimenting with my content features, and this was not quite the feature I thought it would be. I really love sharing these, but have decided to incorporate them in Link Love each week. Instead, I have lately been more inclined to do teaser reviews for the books I have been reading in my “Off the Shelf” posts.

Lose 20 Lbs

Sigh. I wanted to say this was a hard one to gauge, and realized that is a complete lie, the emotions are hard while the numbers are easy. I’m down 5 from where I started, though that has been part of the roller coaster of my injury. I have actually been pretty down on myself in the last week since I have not been able to exercise.

Since getting hurt I finally decided to go in to a specialist and make sure it wasn’t fractured or something that I was making worse. All I know is it wasn’t healing, and would ache badly enough to keep me up at night. An X-ray confirmed that nothing was broken, but that I should have had my ankle immobilized a month ago. Then they gave me the boot. Literally.

Its not as bad as I had thought it would be to be honest, but I was so frustrated that I went home from that appointment and cried. I was so frustrated, and had already gained 10 lbs back from poor eating and lack of exercise in the last two months while unsuccessfully attempting to let my ankle heal. I felt horrible, frustrated, and angry at myself. At first, I felt that this had put serious crimp in my fitness plans, but realized it was a great opportunity to slow down and make a plan. To start thinking more about the long term goals rather than the short term “stop feeling like crap”.

Looking at the situation, there are some real positives.

1. I now have a plan to heal. The boot for 4 weeks plus physical therapy will put me on the track to healing, no more guesswork. My doctor signed me up with a sports rehab therapist to make sure getting back to physical activity would be a priority.

2. The boot comes off. I absolutely cannot stand the germs from casts. Having had the majority of my wrist surgeries in the last few years during the hot, sweaty summers, I HATE HATE HATE having them on. Its so uncomfortable, sweaty, smelly, itchy. All I can think about is this uncomfortable contraption I am stuck in and about what kinds of bacteria and germs are breeding while I am unable to clean it…. One of my biggest agitations. Showering and getting clean is my most surefire way to help me reset from a trigger, but not being able to clean part of myself makes it 10 times worse.

I only had each surgical cast on for a week at most, but that was plenty enough for me. A month in a leg cast would have been, no joke, unbearable. I would have been at a max anxiety level for a month, and July is probably my most intense and hectic month this year… So I am INCREDIBLY thankful I can take this off, air it out, shower, shave, and keep it clean in general.

3. I have been able to set smaller goals in regards to my fitness. Before this, I had been considering doing Farrell’s which starts on July 11th. In all honesty, it was stupid to think I could do this with my back and my leg being so injured but I was so sick of my lackluster workouts and felt like I just had to DO something. Its a typical trap I find myself falling into time and time again, where I keep forcing myself forward on pure inertia even when my reserves are gone. Not ideal with an injury.

Getting booted forced me to slow down and take a look at other aspects of my health. I set a plan with my PT to shoot for getting ready to do Farrell’s in the next round, September. Now I am focusing on strengthening my upper body: Back, arms, shoulders, and abs. All I can do without using my leg at all.

4. I have really tried to shift my focus to proper eating. The big thing I am going to have to do is eat for myself. I would love to make meals for both Damir and I to enjoy together, and I love curling up on the couch to eat pizza and binge on Netflix. His metabolism can handle this. Mine cannot. So I am going to start cooking for myself. I will make enough that he can eat what I have if he wants. Otherwise… I will simply save it for tomorrow’s lunch!

I’ve lost weight before by watching my portions and making smarter choices. Its time to do this again. There is no point in investing in Farrells and going through 10 weeks of intense exercise to throw it away with poor diet. Doing this will set me up for success in the long run.

Write at least 1 post a week

I have actually done pretty well with this one! In all, I have posted 27 times yet this year, so I am actually averaging on track! A couple of multi-post weeks have helped me, but I’d love to keep up with one a week and have those extra posts be a bonus!

Learn to Speak Bosnian

Rado! Malo razumijem i govorim bosanski! Ali, ne tako dobro. Damir’s dad will be here in three weeks! I purchased a Pimsluer course on Croatian (basically the same language) and have been slowly chewing my way through it. His family teased me a little for using the really formal versions of phrases, but still, i’m trying! My goal is to finish the 16 lesson CD pack by July 15th. I then have a book I can work through to learn more vocabulary to add to the basics.

In Summary

Overall, not to bad! Even with my disappointment with in physical achievements, there are some real differences I can see in myself that I should be proud of. I can now do a plank! I could hardly do a knee plank in January, but can now hold a full plank for 30 seconds without a problem. And when I started weightlifting, I could hardly finish a workout with 5 lb weights. I’m up to 10, and although its not a huge difference in weight, my confidence using free weights is much higher! Ive noticed a real difference in how I am able to use the weights and stabilize during the exercises So as I had mentioned before… Make sure to list your accomplishments as well as your goals. It will keep you motivated!


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