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Dreaming of Decorations…

A lot has been happening in the background, ultimately resulting in the news that I am moving in with Damir! I had been planning on doing so for a few months, and finally made the move just last Saturday.

Im downsizing considerably (from a 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom to a 750 sq ft 1 bedroom) and sharing with Damir. And i’m only starting to realize how much stuff I have collected in the last two years! It doesn’t seem like very much when spread out over such a large area, but packing it all into a 4×8 Uhaul and into a storage unit makes me realize just how much I have that is not essential to my day to day.

An Aside…
I think a lot of people that have PTSD try to fill up the void or unhappiness with things, and often, will associate a lot of unnecessary importance to these things. I used to feel like i would be ok, because I have (item name here) and if something happens, at least I have this. I can clearly recall Damir being so confused by my reaction to a discussion about my phone breaking, and how neurotic I was that my iphone never be removed from it’s Lifeproof case. I had somehow associated this incredible value to my phone that extended far past it’s physical value (the full $500, since it was on Straight Talk and had no insurance) but that by having this item, somehow it was a lifeline to keep me safe, just in case something happened. At the surface level, yes, i shouldn’t be careless with an expensive item. That said, my reaction and emotions toward the item went so much deeper than that, and I had simply never viewed it from an outside perspective until that time.

Moving back to the topic at hand… moving. (ba-dum-ching!)

So without going into too much detail, I have had two years of filling up this large apartment and it’s many storage areas with a ton of stuff. Stuff that I simply don’t need. Stuff I have collected over the years, like side tables, books, art supplies, paintings, rugs, etc. And now, I get to get rid of most of it! It has been organized into boxes, and moved to a storage unit so I can methodically sort through it. I have even brought multiple car loads to Goodwill! That being said… there is sooooo much work left to be done, even before I can start decorating (i’m a nester, for sure!). But it doesn’t stop me from dreaming and scheming design inspirations!

While Damir has already started to veto some of these ideas (i’ll wear him down eventually, no worries), Here are some of the inspirations for the new apartment!

My Inspirations


For the last three years, I have had two old couches from my grandpa’s estate sale. While they are comfortable, they are not what I would have picked myself, they are heavy (sleeper sofa) and they are worn (one got road rash when my sister forgot to strap it down to the trailer when she moved it. She got to Brookings, and realized it was gone! I found it on the side of the interstate halfway between Waterown and Brookings, with only a few scuffs. They just don’t make things sturdy today like they used to when these couches were built). Finally though, after 3 years of dreaming of new couches… I am giving these couches to a new home with my brother and his fiance (along with all of my livingroom, dining room, and office furniture. I’m not kidding when I say i’m purging my things!)

Edith Sofa

I love the color! Too bad they only have the chocolate color left.

Edith Sofa

Spiers Sofa

I’ve always been a fan of the modernistic look…

Spiers Sofa

Capri Sectional

Overall, Damir is a huge fan of a sectional that has the long chaise lounge section, and i’m certainly not opposed to it. Going that route, this could be a great contender.

Capri Sectional

That said, couch dreams are still dreams, as we will be using his futon for the next couple of months until things settle down. So i’ll fake it for now with this suede futon cover!

futon cover

Entertainment Center

We both had demands when it came to the entertainment center. Currently, he has a dresser from a set I yet again, giving to Cody. He needs a place in the stand for his PS4, and I need it to have enclosed storage for my office supplies, since I am also sacrificing my desk to my brother. Ultimately, we landed on this IKEA stand. Only downside… shipping to SD is $350!!! That is ridiculous for a $120 item, we will just make the drive to The Cities. This will give me the opportunity to go to town in IKEA, something I have never before let myself do! I might just check around Sioux Falls and see what I can find, there could be something similar within reach.


TV stand


Im super excited about this IKEA rug. I want something fun and graphic to define the living space and bring the different elements together.

Lappljung Ruta

Again, the IKEA shipping was unreasonable, so I will shop around and see when I can find. This option from Target might be a good substitution.

Threshold Greek Rug

target rug

Coffee Table

This one may be the biggest battle on my plate yet. My mom is giving me my grandpa’s old steamer trunk from his service in the Korean war. I want to upcycle it into a coffee table with storage for spare blankets and whatnot. While I think it will look great, Damir is not excited about bringing “old junk” into the apartment. I have already received plenty of grief from keeping my Grandmother’s buffet table, so we will see if this one will make the cut. I will upcycle it regardless just for fun and see if I can’t change his mind…
Should hopefully look something like this once it is complete!

coffee table


I was originally very excited about the idea of putting up removable wallpaper in the apartment when I read Elsie’s post on A Beautiful Mess. Instantly, I was head over heels for this funky print by Kate Zaremba Company!


Once I finally moved in, however, realized it would not work nearly as well as I had hoped, and I also do not have the budget to invest quite so much into my apartment. I had considered using a similar patterned gift wrap as a cheaper replacement solution, since I knew that with the textured walls I would be limited to simply tacking it up vs. applying it to the walls. Not sure how that would have turned out, so give me a shout if it works for you! Spoonflower has a great selection of wrapping paper and a much more feasible price (for my budget).

For now, I will have to keep combing the area for some finds… and keep sifting through boxes… moving never ends!


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