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Luca Stricagnoli – Acoustic cover of Thunderstruck by AC/DC
This heavy rock ballad is transformed into a majestic acoustic work of art, and Luca shows his mastery of the guitar by using it to illustrate this piece as would full ensemble. His music is beautiful and great for easy background listening.

The White Buffalo
I discovered The White Buffalo (Jake Smith) when his cover of “House of the Rising Sun” was featured in the season 4 finale of Sons of Anarchy. Reworded from a woman’s perspective, I immediately had to get the song for myself, and the more of his music I listened too, the more I fell in love. His deep voice is full of gravel and invokes raw emotion in each song. My favorites are by far Black & Blue, Oh Darling, what have i done, and Into the Sun.

Jaimie N Commons
Featured in this incredible partnership with X Ambassadors, Into the Jungle (used in a great World Cup Spot for Beats by Dre) Jamie N Commons has a style combo of blues and folk, and has a wonderful range of moods in his songs, with a peppier Rumble and Sway, inspirational with Wash me in the water, or a darker depression in The Preacher.

Beware of Darkness

Heard this featured on the radio when their single was released early 2013 (Shoutout to Xrock Rapid City!), and still have it on my playlist. With a style comparable to Jet and Cage the Elephant, the full album is very much worth the download.

Mat Hunsley
The second Secret Sessions unsigned winner is well worthy of the title with this fabulous song. Fires is by far my favorite, but treat yourself to Au Contraire.

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