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Makeup Tutorial: Sally From Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally makeup feature

One of my all time favorites, and I finally have a makeup tutorial! I love Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. This tutorial was surprisingly harder than I had anticipated it being, as it was not only the first one I filmed, but I struggled to find the right paint combo!

What I consistently ran into was a difficulty in finding a paint that had the right consistency and color. After a few failed attempts to get the look the way I wanted it, I decided to stick with a flat white creme based makeup and use a loose blue powder to do the contouring and tinting.


What I Used:

  • White creme makeup
  • Bright blue powder eye shadow (in the reflecting jar)
  • Over-sized false eyelashes
  • White & Black eyeliner
  • Dark red lipstick
  • A variety of brushes, I buy a painter’s pack which are cheaper than actual makeup brushes.

Have fun with it!


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