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Until recently, I had assumed that Pandora and Spotify were interchangeable services, and boy was I wrong! I had previously only used Pandora, and had essentially stopped using it completely in past months since the algorithms had started playing very similar music across multiple playlists and I almost never experienced new music.

Enter Spotify. As my sister always says, “Do you live under a rock?” Sometimes, I honestly might. Desperate for something new on my playlist, I finally signed up for an account and immediately regretted the wasted years with Pandora… This is heaven for any audiophile! I have discovered so many incredible new artists and songs in the last week that I felt my “Earbug” posts could use a revamp, and I hope to post every other week (or even every week) with the songs I have on repeat.


Rozzi Crane (Feat. Adam Levine)

Wicked Games

The Weeknd

I am actually slightly obsessed with the song Wicked Game by Chris Isaak, as well as all covers, and seeing the name, thought this could be another cover. It’s not, but it is still a great song!

Speaking of Wicked Game covers….

Wicked Game

James Vincent McMorrow


First Aid Kit

Trouble (Stripped)


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