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Badlands National Park

On my way out to the Dream Center, I drove through Badlands National Park. I hadn’t been through the heart of the badlands since I was six years old, and since I was early, I decided to pull over and play tourist for 20 minutes.

badlands entrance

I absolutely love the terrain of the badlands, and forgot just how dramatic the formations are when you get off the interstate (I-90) and head south!

badlands 1

Just as I was pulling through the gates, it began to drizzle slightly, and stopped just when I reached the first observation point. The contrast between the colorful sediment and the stormy sky was breathtaking!


From some outcroppings you could almost look straight down from all angles. With the strength of the wind, it probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but I couldn’t help myself!

badlands valley

Overall, the timing was perfect! The brief rain shower provided a temporary break in the heat and made walking around far more pleasant.

badlands- after the rain

As I headed out towards Pine Ridge,  the cloud cover broke and the heat rolled in. This was fine by me, as I was enjoying the slow cruise through the park, taking pictures at various stops. People think South Dakota is boring, which is something I will just never understand. Just look at this place!

badlands - meadow

All of my anxiety for this trip evaporated as I drove. It’s simply not possible to be anxious when immersed in such beauty.

badlands landscape


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