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Earbug: 5 New Artist Addictions

Time to make up for the silence. Since I have been radio static on the music front, I am going to try to make it up with 5 artists in one go!  Here are some of my new(er) favorites from the past few weeks.

Jack Savoretti

I first came across Jack Savoretti when his song “Soldiers Eyes” was used in Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy. After requesting for him be added to Soundike quite a few months ago, was super pumped to be notified today that they had added all 5 of his albums! Italian-English and having moved all around Europe during his childhood, Jack describes his accent as “Transatlantic Mutt”, which lends his voice has a haunted quality that I absolutely adore.

Greta Svabo Bech

For those who are dubstep fans, you may have heard Greta Svabo Bech without realizing it. You might recognize her from her first breakthrough as the vocalist on Deadmau5’s track “Raise Your Weapon“. This Faroese singer-songwriter has gone on to sing with The Bloody Beetroots, but I am a much greater fan of her solo tracks, “Shut up and Sing“, “Broken Bones“, and “Brave Moon“.

April Smith and the Great Picture Show

I am obsessed with her 50’s esque tones and powerful lyrics. Each tells a unique story, and I am whole-heartedly disappointed that she only has one album out (2010), and an inactive Facebook page (last post 2013), I am not sure if we will see more from her. Last I can find on April Smith is her song, “Terrible Things” was used in Dancing with the Stars. Her official music video is humorous with a morbid twist, and I highly recommend downloading the full album.

Kimberly Anne

I discovered Kimberly Anne while working through the YouTube Secret Sessions, and LOVE LOVE LOVE her. What is frustrating is it can be hard to find more information about this UK artist, as her album is not available through itunes (Apparently, it is only on UK itunes?). That being said, her English accent is honest and paired with empowering and passionate lyrics, Kimberly Anne is a must listen. Check out her website or do a Youtube Search to find more awesome music. My favorites include “Bury it there“, “A House is Not a Home” (cover), and “Start Over“.

Ruby Blu

I haven’t found a ton I like from this artist, but fell in love with Ruby’s “Drinking Again” performed for reloaded sessions. Vulnerable lyrics sung with a raw honesty; and I while I don’t know a lot about Ruby’s work, I am curious what else might be in the cards. To see some of his new tracks, check out his Facebook Page.

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