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Whether serving wine or Fog Juice Punch, these glasses make great party glasses and decor. The list of characters you do is completely up to you! I chose to just do four and stuck to some of the main characters, Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and the Mayor. That said, you can do Sandy Claws, Lock, Shock & Barrel, The Clown with the Tearaway face, the creature that came from the lake, the vampires, the list goes on and on! Even if you don’t feel like you are the most artistic person, these characters all have distinguishing features that make them quickly identifiable, especially as a group.

Nightmare Before Christmas Character Wine Glasses

glasses feature

What you will need:

  • Clear Wine Glasses
  • Acrylic Paint (Gloss, if possible)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Clear Spray Paint
  • Colored Spray Paint (optional)


Jack Skellington

Colors Used: White, Black

1. This is one where I used white spray paint since I had it on hand and I wanted the entire glass to have a white base. When using spray paint, place the glass on braces (spare 2×4 boards or really anything stable, you could use wooden pencils too) to keep it off your painting surface. This allows you evenly coat your glass without part of it getting stuck to your dropcloth or painting surface.

jack glass 1

2. Allow to dry according to paint instructions. If painting with acrylic paint, no braces needed, instead just evenly paint the glass. I painted them upside down over my hand so I could paint the whole exterior of the glass in one go.

3. Once the paint is dry, you can use a fine-tipped brush and paint on jack’s face! I did a few coats of the black, just to make sure it was nice and solid, allowing paint to dry in between each application.

4. Give glass a final coat of the gloss spray to protect the paint and ensure they are nice and shiny.



Colors Used: Teal, Red, White, Black, Orange

1. First, I painted the solid blue for her face on half of the glass, then painted the red for her hair on the other half. Once it dried, I applied the scars and facial details afterwards, adding the dress on the base of the glass and curving the hairline in over the face.

2. For the nose, I mixed a small amount of black with the blue for a darker blue and drew on her nose. For the pink half of her dress, I mixed some white and red.

3. Coat with clear spray paint to protect the paint on the glass.

mayor glad


Colors Used: Orange, Grey, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Red

1. In my version, I thought the step of the glass would be perfect for his hat, so I decided to do him upside down. You can certainly do him right side up, I would just modify the look so that there was a “mayor” badge on the base of the stem, keeping the stem black as is. I would then just add a ring of black around the rim.

2. I started by painting half of the glass orange, and the other half grey, only painting the glass. Then paint the stem black.

Happy Mayor

3. Once your colors have dried, I went through and added the black part of his eyebrows, eyes, and nose. Next, paint the white in the shape of his exaggerated smile and let dry.

4. Fill in the left eye (facing the glass, as shown in picture) with blue, and outline the eyebrows with yellow, and the outside of the swirl for his right eye. Make a yellow pupil at the bottom of the blue left eye.

5. Outline the white smile in red, then draw in the teeth in black with a fine-tipped brush.

mayor sad

Sad Mayor

6. Draw on his eyes in yellow and the frown in white and allow to dry. In this picture, the light washes out the left eye, but it is the same color and size as the one on the right.

7. Outline the mouth in green, and use black to draw a zig-zag line for the teeth. Add pupils in black, and draw a circle around each eye with a worry accent in each.

8. In the picture I was referencing, he also had a bit of an outline in black around his mouth, but i didn’t like how it turned out, so I almost completely hid it on my glass. If I did it again, I would simply not add this detail.

9. Coat with clear spray paint to protect the paint on the glass.


Oogie Boogie

Colors Used: Green, Black. Option 2: Yellow, Black

1. Paint the glass a solid green, and allow to completely dry.

2. Using a fine brush, paint the facial details in on black.

3. Coat with clear spray paint to protect the paint on the glass.

Another Option: You could paint a large yellow circle on the front of the glass and do Oogie as a shadow on the moon in the “This is Halloween” intro scene.

oogie moon

Finally, once the final coat of paint has dried, gently wash with warm water and soap. Do not scrub.

Fill up your cup with Fog Juice Party Punch! Bottoms Up!


Hi! I'm Alyce.
Welcome to my journey towards living a happier and healthier life while living with PTSD and chronic pain... and never letting it keep me from my passion for Halloween, cooking, and way too many DIY projects... all at the same time!


  • How appropriate that I dressed up as Sally at the haunted house last night, because I was featured as Sally on @liquidcosplay in the same day... Halloween no less! I love love love this costume, and it’s the one that got me started in cosplay and makeup. #halloween #cosplay

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  • You would think that I would have done makeup on all of my family at this point, but sadly that is not the case, however, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do my brother's makeup after the haunt had opened Saturday night! He managed to pull together an incredible maroon clown outfit, and I am really pleased how the makeup looks! I personally like the messier clowns, and it worked well to have brighter pink-ish hues toned down by smudges of black and watering down the paint overall. 
#clown #clownmakeup #hauntlife #hauntedhouse #halloween
  • My first ever zombie for Halloween was a shotgun bride, and although it was a real bridal gown with real shotgun damage, I just used 3 or 4 latex bullet wounds. It was fun, and a great introduction to using prosthetics, but it wasn't really accurate to what I would have had for damage with an actual shotgun wound. So years later, I made up for it by re-creating a more realistic wound of where the shoulder and partial face would have been torn up by the blast. Personally, this is my favorite zombie creation to date! #zombie #zombiemakeup #zombiebride #shotgunbride #zombiecrawl #woundmakeup
  • Ready for my closeup!!! Getting ready for Sioux Falls Zombie Crawl tomorrow!!! #zombie #zombiemakeup #zombiecrawl
  • OK you guys, this is where I love the internet. I created this zombie 2 years ago and had (kind of) forgotten about it until just this week when someone re-created it... and she is on the other side of the globe! Seriously, it made my my entire day/week/month, and reminds me why I love doing this. <3 <3 <3
#zombie #zombiemakeup #zombiecrawl #halloween2018
  • Its GO TIME PEOPLE! T-Minus 7 days to HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN. Im running on fumes and caffeine, but it is 100% worth it. I love working at the haunted house, and am beyond thrilled about this coming weekend. I still have 2 costumes to finish and 2 zombies to do, plus some donut deliveries (a great fundraiser... friends scared of clowns? Send them donuts a-la-clowns). One more look at this first clown because I was obsessed with this wig from Rockstar wigs... I WILL find a way to use it again in the near future. #hauntlife #hauntedhouse #clowns #halloween2018
  • I had a request to recreate a clown mask as a makeup so it wouldn’t be as hot to wear in the house (swipe to see said mask), and it was quite the learning experience. I made this about a month ago when I was still trying to use the cream paints that the haunt had, though I’ve since decided to buy more of my own water paint to use on my actors. The base here was the basic white clown grease paint, and while I loved the coverage, it felt awful to wear, and it was incredibly difficult to add fine details with cream paint or shadows. So my first and last grease paint clown! 🤡 I still think it’s important to share our failures as well as the successes... this is still far better than what I might have created even just a year ago! #clowns #hauntedhouse #halloween
  • Hey Guys! I've been quiet on Insta so far this October, but its because IM SO BUSY and i'm pretty much in Halloween Heaven. Between finishing my first commissioned costume (its super simple, but I completed foam armor for the first time!!!) and doing makeup at the haunted house, i've hardly had time for sleep... and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
This is one of my first clown practice runs. I tried doing 30 minutes or less, and initially I wasn't planning on posting. Having a few days of the crazed makeup chaos that is getting ready for house open under my belt, I have a new appreciation for what details you can and simply cannot complete in such a short time period, and kind of like the grunge this clown pulled off. Not everything you will create is perfect, but thats how we all learn! #clowns #hauntedhouse #halloweenmakeup #halloween2018
  • I think this barrel look could make a great clown character.... am I going over to the dark side and starting to like clowns?!?! Only time will tell, and there are still 20 days until Halloween! #nightmarebeforechristmas #halloweentown #lockshockandbarrel


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