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DIY Upcycled Chairs Feature

To create my Mad Tea Party setup, I wanted to use a collection of mismatched chairs in brightly colored pastels. It was a great opportunity to breathe some new life into a few chairs that had been sentenced to the curb… and honestly, their mis-matched, imperfect nature made them an even better fit.

DIY Upcycled Chairs

DIY Upcyled Chairs

You will need:

  • Dishsoap and cleaning rags
  • Fabric for upholstered seats
  • Foam batting – if extra padding is needed
  • Spray paint
  • sandpaper
  • flathead screwdriver, or other tool for prying
  • Screwdriver or drill to remove seat screws
  • staple gun

DIY Upcycled Chairs


1. First, remove the screws holding the seat into place, and set aside in a small jar or tin so you won’t lose anything.

2. Wash the chairs with soap and water to remove all dirt and allow to dry. Sand off any flaking paint and give the whole chair a quick once over. Wipe down with a damp rag.

3. Carefully spray the chairs in your desired colors according to the package instructions.

repainting chairs

That beautiful blue after just one coat!
repainting chairs

Building up the color on the pink chairs.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the can and check the temperature and humidity outside… too much humidity will cause bubbling, which, in my case ended up not being too bad, as I just sanded off the bubbles and left the wood underneath bare.

weathered chair

4. To re-upholster the seats, use a pliers/screwdriver to pry up the existing staples, ad peel off the previous fabric. Place your seat face down over your new fabric and cut around it so that you leave about 2-3 inches, enough to wrap around the seat to the underside.

reupholstered chair

reupholstered chair

5. First, pull up the center of the front of the seat, and pull the fabric tight, then staple. Put 2 or 3 more staples in the front, then continue around the seat, placing about 3 staples per side. Then, go back in and pinch the fabric in between each staple so that it is taught, and place another staple.

reupholstered chair

6. Finally, pull the corners tight, then staple fabric down. Trim away extra fabric so it won’t hang down.

reupholstered chair

7. Re-assemble your chairs, and get ready for tea!


Hi! I'm Alyce.
Welcome to my journey towards living a happier and healthier life while living with PTSD and chronic pain... and never letting it keep me from my passion for Halloween, cooking, and way too many DIY projects... all at the same time!

Costume & Makeup Tutorials


  • My first attempt at a stone makeup! Used Mehron water activated grey base, black to like the creases on my had (so many!) and black and white stipple fir more dimension. Turned out pretty cool, I'm hoping to do a full face application soon!
  • Today was a lesson in moderation. I have too much on my plate, and sometime you just have to accept that it is ok to accept defeat and just relax. This burned hand makeup was inspired as half of a poem(see previous post). Since the inspiration required two hands, I actually did all on this with my non-dominant hand! Gelatin for the burn scars, and my Ben Nye  bruise wheel for color.
  • i have loved
with hands closed
and hands open
both are accompanied
by their own type of pain

by @andrewcoonswriting 
This was truly an example of art inspiring art. If you haven't read @andrewcoonswriting poetry, you need to follow him asap! Having both suffered heartbreak and chronic pain myself, this poem spoke to my heart, and I knew I wanted to use it for my next makeup look. 
The two types of pain display an open hand of stone, and a curled hand of burns. A love present but immovable, and love that burns hot and fast, leaving us scarred for life. 
Check out more of his work and keep an eye out for his new book of poetry, "Living with it," coming out in September!
  • So. Thirsty. Glycerin makes a great base for cracked and peeling lips. And you actually can't drink wearing it... at least, not without a straw. Now back to my morning caffeine infusion. I used my Ben Nye bruise wheel for the minimal colors, and my usual foundation to color the glycerin "skin."
  • Bloody knuckles! Today calls for a quick makeup and an early bedtime, as my sciatic nerve pain is approaching 11... I wanted a wound down to the bone, so I built up the torn skin with gelatin and rimmed the inside of the wound with black, leaving bare skin in the middle to take the appearance of bone when the look is done. I toned the gelatin with red water activated paint, and filled in with a rust and stippled purple to simulate the start of bruises. Finally, I coated it all down in blood. Not bad for a quick and dirty makeup!
  • "EAT SLUGS MALFOY!" Not a fun spell, and not one to attempt with a faulty wand. This "bonus" Chamber of Secrets was born literally from the thought that my ice cube tray looked like slugs! I had to pair my vom with some extra eye bags from a day of puking slugs. "Better out than in."
  • As promised... part two for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Basilisk after being blinded by Fawkes the Phoenix. This was a faster approach but I still think it turned out quite nice. The edges of the punctured eyes was made with glycerin, and I tried out my new Ben Nye scan blood! A great way to take a typical snake makeup to a different level.
  • Back to my Harry Potter series... nothing is more essential to the plot of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets than the Basilisk! I actually Iove the hell out of this one, done with mehron water activation paints and fishnet stockings. Aannndddd, since I was not on top of my game last week, I'm bringing you a two for one! Check back soon for part two of this look.
  • This look was a not so successful attempt at a major broken dose... think car accident minus other scrapes. Things I liked: I feel like the beginning of the bruise settling into the cheek was great. Not so much: I wanted to replicate swelling and added glycerin to build up the ridge on the nose. I think I needed to blend it out a little bit more, as it looks too abrupt. I also feel like this look has far too much red and purple in it. I think I could've accomplished a much better makeup with far less color, another one to try again soon!


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