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Hogwarts House Sorting Christmas Crackers

Christmas Cracker feature

Looking for a fun way to “sort” your family and friends into Hogwarts houses? Try these Christmas Crackers! Between Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, and Sour Warheads, you can easily fill your crackers with color themed candies. Once you have a friend help you pull your cracker, you will discover your Hogwarts house based on the candies within!

Christmas Cracker 3

Hogwarts House Sorting Christmas Crackers

You will need:

  • Paper towel or other cardboard tubes, cut into 3 inch sections. Make as many as you need for your group or party.
  • Yarn
  • Wrapping paper and scotch tape
  • Wrapped candies in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green colors. Enough to fill your crackers.


1. For each cardboard tube, make a cut halfway through the paper tube to make it easier to pull apart.

Christmas Cracker 5

2. Take yarn and tie around each half of the partially sliced tube, leaving enough yarn to trail off each end about 6 inches.

Christmas Cracker 6

3. Wrap each cracker, and tie off one end with yarn, making sure the trailing end of yard tied to the cardboard tube is sticking out. This makes sure the cracker will pull apart properly.

Christmas Cracker 7

4. Once one end is sealed, fill your crackers with candies of one specific color per cracker, then tie off the remaining end.

Christmas Cracker 8

Pass out your crackers and let the sorting ceremony begin!

Christmas Cracker 2


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