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Jingle Bell Snitch Ornaments

Jingle bell Snitch ornamentBring a touch of quidditch flair to your Christmas decorations with Jingle Bell Snitches! The snitch is one of the most identifiable items from the Harry Potter world along with the glasses, scar, and deathly hallows symbol, and these jolly little snitch ornaments are sure to take your Harry Potter Christmas tree to the next level.

Jingle bell Snitch ornament

Jingle Bell Snitch Ornaments

You will need:

  • Gold jingle bells
  • White feathers
  • Ornament hooks
  • Hot glue gun

Jingle bell Snitch ornament


1. Again, this is a super easy and fun DIY. Start by looping the hook through the top of the jingle bell. Then apply a large dollop of hot glue to hold it in place.

Jingle bell Snitch ornament

2. Before the glue dries, stick two white feathers into the glue and gently set ornament down to dry, making sure the feathers are at the angle you prefer.  You may also decide to trim down your feathers to make them shorter. If you choose to do so, I would recommend doing this before you place them in the glue, and cut down to size from the quill end of the feather so you leave the ends intact.

Jingle bell Snitch ornament


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