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For my Nightmare Before Christmas “Halloween Town Scarecrow” I wanted to try making a mask instead of doing face makeup. Initially I set out to find one of those Halloween candy pails that are shaped like Jack o’ Lanterns, but while roaming around JoAnn Fabrics, I discovered this new product called “Funkins, the carveable pumpkin.”

These fantastic pumpkins are carveable so you can keep the pumpkin year after year without any worries of rot or mess. Although they are a bit pricey, the 50% off coupon at JoAnn made this a perfect fit for my mask.


DIY Jack O’ Lantern Mask

You will need:

  • 1 large Funkin
  • Black acrylic paint and brush
  • Pencil
  • Pumpkin carving knife
  • Black tulle or sheer fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Elastic, if necessary


1. Begin by cutting out the hole for your head. Start small, as you can always make it larger. Also, be very careful, as these do carve easily, but too much pressure can make them crack. Don’t start too high on the back, and make the opening just as large as your face, and widen if necessary. Then, bring the hole down far enough on the bottom for the rest of your face and neck.


2. Turn the Funkin around and use the pencil to sketch out your face. In my example, I was intentionally re-creating the scarecrow from Nightmare Before Christmas, so I used a picture as a reference.


3. Carefully carve out your Jack O’ Lantern face. I say carefully, and mean it because while this is a great product, I found that any unnecessary pressure can cause it to crack. I actually had to hot glue in a piece from the face by the nose that broke out.

4. Paint in the inside of the cutout areas (eyes, nose, mouth) with black acrylic paint.


5. Using Tull or sheer fabric , hot glue into the inside of the mask to cover the cutout holes, but still allow you to see out. I doubled up my fabric to make it darker, but I could still see out well.


You can see the cracks and broken piece by the nose if you look closely.

You can just barely see my face through the mask, so it turned out perfect!

jack o lantern mask


Hi! I'm Alyce.
Welcome to my journey towards living a happier and healthier life while living with PTSD and chronic pain... and never letting it keep me from my passion for Halloween, cooking, and way too many DIY projects... all at the same time!


  • William Faulkner said to “it’s hard to kill your darlings” meaning it can be difficult to critique your own work, especially if you put a lot into it. Stephen King went on to say you should put your work away for six months to a year before editing so you can clearly evaluate. I’m really glad I looked back at this one. Even without the wig, I think it’s striking. #hauntmua #sfxmua #stevenkingismyhero #skullmakeup
  • I’m going through old pictures and ran across this one. I remember not really being happy with this look, and sure, the lines could have been cleaner, but I still really like this! I think we should always go back and look at work a year later... even if it really want good, it shows us just how far we have come in so little time. #skullmakeup #hauntmua #sfxmua #personalgrowth
  • I often do a look that I’m just not all that happy with afterwards, as is with this “halfway to Halloween” clown I created back in.... May? Looking at it now, I don’t know what it is exactly it was that I didn’t like... maybe I just needed a orange wig? I almost like a progress pic more than the finished product. What do you think?#clowns #clownmakeup
  • Throwback to my first actual clown makeup! The eye shapes were inspired by a few looks by @totalnightmaretravis, and i was incredibly excited about this wig! The Rhapsody Short by @rockstarwigs is probably the most fun wig to wear that I currently own. I only have red, but am heavily considering another color for my collection.
Happy National Clown Week! #justclowningaround #clowns #scaryclowns
  • Happy National Clown Week! A year ago, I wasn’t a big fan of clowns, but I practiced so many clown makeups that I eventually came to find them to be one of my favorites, and even created my own clown character. This is the first actual clown makeup I recreated based on @grave_digger_the_clown for last year’s haunt. Turned out a lot prettier than he is, no? 😉
#clownsofinstagram #hauntmua #clownmakeup #clowns
  • One last look at this (insightful? Revealing?) makeup! I actually really loved the eyes by themselves, and they took a good 2 hours themselves. A good challenge in trying to make a flat art of round objects translated on a curved surface! #eyeseeyou #eyeball #eyes #makeupartist #inspiredbyart
Inspire by art by @xsullo
  • Eye see you! I also understand I’m not funny, it’s ok. 😂
This was actually a fun challenge, eyes are really complex and took nearly 2 hours to get them where I was happy. Of all of this, I’m really proud of the detail I was able to get in the irises of each eye, and my blocked eyebrow almost completely disappeared! This actually looks amazing compared to the first time I blocked them out. Yay for progress! #eyeseeyou #eyeball #horrormakeup #horrorart 
Inspired by art from @xsullo
  • I love finding inspiration in new places, and when @bearded_horror shared artwork by @xsullo a week or so ago, I knew I had to give it a try as a makeup! Seriously, such amazing art. I hope I did it justice! Check out their profile to see even more incredible works and compare to the original.
  • After this photoshoot im not sure how to go back to my plain black background... I mean if there isn’t ominous fog in the background, does it really even count?!?! #fogmachine #clownmakeup #scareactress #hauntlife #evietheclown


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