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Mayor of Halloween Town Nightmare Before Christmas

Complete the look of the Halloween Town Mayor with an official Mayor badge and Spider Bow Tie! While there certainly is a way to DIY a spider, I did default to one I found at Walmart… sometimes you gotta mix the new with the DIY for the perfect look.


Mayor’s Badge & Spider Bowtie

You will need:

  • Small piece of cardboard, preferably with a white finish
  • White paint if needed
  • Orange Ribbon
  • Black paint or sharpie
  • Plastic toy spider
  • Hot glue gun
  • Jumbo bobby pin
  • Large safety pin



The Mayor Badge

1. Cut your cardboard into a circle, roughly 4-5 inches in diameter. If not already white, paint one side completely white and allow to dry. Write “Mayor” with black paint or a thick sharpie.

2. Glue your ribbon around the outside of cardboard, continually looping and gluing down each loop.


3. Glue the solid side (as opposed to the movable pin) of the safety pin directly onto the back of the cardboard badge.



Spider Bow Tie

4. Glue the bobby pit to the back of the spider. Be careful not to use too much glue, you don’t want to glue the bobby pin shut! Once dried, you can simply slide the pin through the buttons of your shirt.


Pair with the full costume tutorial here!



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