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Makeup Tutorial: Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington Costume Genderbend

For something that is just Black and White, I had so much fun with this tutorial! The makeup is quite striking, and while I was still feeling pretty green with the Sally tutorial, I felt a lot more comfortable with the makeup and video this time around.

My biggest advice here is to make sure you have a paper towel or tissue to clean off the brush you are using often, since you may often get white paint on the black brush and vice versa. After doing this again on my sister, I also feel that blacking out your ears really improves the overall look. You can also use a black hairspray to continue blacking out your hair color if you feel this would also benefit your costume.

jack makeup

What you need:

  • White grease paint
  • Black grease paint
  • Black or dark grey eyeshadow
  • Two paint brushes, one for each color paint
  • One fine tipped paint or makeup brush for eyeshadow
  • Black Hairspray


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