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So Called Style: Summer Pants

I’ll be upfront… Im actually not a huge fan of summer. Now that I am past the years of getting summers off from school, all it means is that I will be really hot and not feel like I look good in anything. Swimming and other events, while I enjoy it, require bathing suits and showing off my lovely alabaster tan (read: nonexistent).

While this is not as big of an issue for me as it used to be, I also HATE being sweaty. Sure, getting in a good sweat session at the gym feels great, but just sitting at the office and stewing in humidity… yuck. So during the summer, I usually suffered through ill fitting shorts and capri work pants.

Last year, the trend of wearing those flowing linen pants or soft cotton joggers became all the rage. I loved them and hated them. No joke, they look like pajamas and I couldn’t think of a better thing to wear for 8 hours in the office. But, I couldn’t find a pair that looked good on me. It seems to happen every time a new style comes out… it’s just not ready for plus size. They make them in plus sizes, but they didn’t quite figure out that just increasing the dimensions of the size 0 doesn’t flatter anyone by the time you get to 14-16.

With all of the moving, trips, and activities early on in the summer I just didn’t have the time or money to shop for new clothes, so my wardrobe was a bit of a mashup of winter items sans sweaters made to be somewhat summer friendly. But I was just sick of wearing the same thing, and wanted something that would breathe and feel season appropriate. Enter summer pants.


These pics were taken before I really grasped the difference in quality between the two cameras in my phone… lesson learned.

Maybe it is the fashion industry catching up to plus size a year after the fact, finding the correct pattern, or just the fact that I am finally accepting that I can look good in clothes that don’t “hide” my weight. They still kind of looked like pajamas, so I added a blazer, costume jewelry,


And these are so COMFORTABLE!




I immediately went out and purchased 3 more pairs… and this has been one of my most comfortable summers, long pants and all.


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  • Happy Valentines Day! I'll always love you for your BRAINS!!!
I did this iZombie Liv Moore in Full-On Zombie back before my surgery and just haven't gotten around to posting until now! I had wanted to come up with some kind of Valentines day themed look to kick me back into things now that my arm is mostly functional, but I was just struggling to think of what I wanted to do. Valentines Day is just not my thing. Unless there is chocolate. I Digress.
Halfway into my glass of wine, I realized this was the perfect time to post this look. I technically have a video, but the jury is still out on whether or not to post it just yet. I'm mostly just glad to be at a point where I can start experimenting with makeup again!
  • Anybody else struggle this time of year? I’m looking at these lovely sunbeams from my Alice In Wonderland shoot this summer to bring some sunshine to my day. I’ll be doing just fine, then be lying on the couch trying to feel like I can breathe again. I know it is ok, and these increased symptoms will pass, but it’s certainly not fun, especially when I have projects and ideas id like to tackle, but can’t get past this paralyzing anxiety. What do you guys use to help with SADD? #SADD #anxiety #ptsd #seasonaldepression  #winteristheworst #whydoilivehere
  • Halfway done! Still a ton to do, and I’ve learned ALOT already, like how not to sew in an invisible zipper, that I need a seam ripper, and need to invest in real fabric shears. But it’s actually coming together! Having never used a pattern before, I admit I looked at the pile of paper with some skepticism. Also, it kind of matches my couch. 😂 #cosplay #sewing #mccallspatterns #mccalls #mccallscosplay #spacesuit #plussizecosplay
  • Hanging out with mystic while I tackle my next sewing project. I like to think her interest is in hanging out with me, but there is a high chance she just wants the Fritos I’ve been munching... #cosplay #cosplaydog #sewing #mccallspatterns #cosplaymccalls #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram
  • Bull in boots! It was enough of a battle to get her into them, and she refuses to move anywhere wearing them! 😂😂😂 I was so looking forward to a little dance, but so far she is just laying there looking helpless. Maybe if I get out the peanut butter? #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #doginboots #notcoolmom
  • I decided to spring for new ornaments this year and went from hyper colorful to classic beauty with a Gryffindor Christmas tree, complete with Hedwig ornaments! No DIY here (except the jingle bell snitch) just a very content Gryffindor snuggling on the couch enjoying the lights and a glass of wine. #twomoresleeps #harrypotterchristmas #gryffindor #housepride
  • New Christmas gift to myself... the long curly in emerald green from @rockstarwigs ! I’m hoping my ideas for some holiday makeup looks can inspire me to get back at it now that I can finally use my right arm! Any guesses or requests? #merrychristmastome #cosplaychristmas #rockstarwigs
  • The top 9 for madlikealyce! It has been a fantastic year, trying out all kinds of new things and really expanding on my love for makeup and cosplay. Thank you to all of my AMAZING FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS who have been with me on this journey. I can wait until my shoulder has healed enough to get back to it, I have a whole LIST of things I am dying to try! In the meantime, I’m at least back to writing on the blog, so make sure to check me out there, Link in bio. ❤️ you all!
  • Sick day snuggles. But at least it’s my first day out of the sling! #countdownisover #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #drinkallthetea


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