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Link Love: Monday June 15

Have you ever thought of what you would want to tell your 16-year-old self? This PSA is wonderful, and having both my mother and uncle being skin cancer survivors… this message can’t be repeated enough.


donald duck skeleton

Have you ever wondered what the Skeletons of your favorite cartoon character would look like? IFLScience Has! Sidenote: Which old cartoon character was your favorite? Bugs Bunny? Daffy Duck? I loved Wiley Coyote!


pucks of suffering

This woman’s description of her personal Paleo Diet Experience and the internal battles with a Paleo friendly “carrot cake cookie” Aka “pucks of suffering” describes in a nutshell, how you feel on most diet plans. Highly recommended read.

cactus earrings

These adorable cactus earrings!



Moar cactus! These houseplant cupcakes look incredible!


Squeee! This mama moose and her calves playing in a sprinkler on a hot day will fill your daily “awww” quota for sure!


Finally, this music video by Walk the Earth (check them out!). My sister first sent this to me a few weeks ago saying that it made her think of me and my journey. It makes me feel hopeful with every listen, and I hope it does the same for you!

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  • Just got these beauties in the mail!!!! Can't wait to put them to good use this weekend. I was sorted into Gryffindor, but secretly think I could have easily been a Hufflepuff... what house are you in? #hogwarts #harrypotter #gryffindor #hogwartshouses
  • Sometimes admitting you need help seems like a step backwards, but really can just be the detour you need to get back on track. My first post in over a month is on the blog, link in bio! #PTSD #anxiety #chronicpain #chronicfatigue
  • Diet? What diet? Mystic wanted to lick the cup, so I had to get a blizzard right? #pitbullsofinstagram #cheatday #sharewithyourdogdiet
  • Cupcake and afternoon coffee... time to write. #cupcakes #coffee #iamwriting
  • Putting the finishing touches on my next #harrypotter costume, seven guesses (you should only need the one) to what it is!
  • Definitely bring your comfy shoes to Vegas there is so much to see without even leaving the streets!
  • Probably the only bar on the strip that keeps their lit sign inside... but excellent once your find it at Brooklyn Bowl.
  • Vivaaaaa Las Vegas!
  • Found this quote today and had to share. Words have the power to shape our world, or allow us to escape from it. #iamwriting #writersofinstagram


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