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I love searching the web and finding new things, especially from my favorite blogs! It’s something I may do a few times throughout the day for 2-3 minutes when my back pain gets really bad, and it helps me regain my focus. For me, this is part of a Distraction Technique taught at the PRC.

Distraction: A technique that can be used to refocus you mind from the pain (or frustration) to allow your mind and body to relax and become calm. Often, when we are hurting, we can get really wrapped up in how bad the pain is, and how much we want to go home, or outside, or anywhere but where we are right now! Anything to make the pain go away. And focusing on this pain can in turn make us breathe more shallow, hold ourselves more stiffly, and increase our overall agitation. If you are trying to slog through a task at work that makes you want to beat your head into the keyboard… that agitation can grow tenfold.
By distracting ourselves with something we enjoy, we can break that cycle, and give ourselves the ability to (try) to take control of the situation and approach the task at hand with fresh eyes, even if it is something as mundane as scrubbing the bathroom or getting through the next hour.

This concept isn’t just a thing for people with chronic pain. Countless articles have written about the benefits of allowing employees to view personal sites, email, or even Facebook during the workday for short periods of time as it helps prevent mental fatigue and leads to greater productivity overall! Tell that to your employer next time you get caught shopping online for shoes…

Useless Fun Facts

I have always considered myself to be a vault of useless information, and can be quite a bit of an information hoarder (Input is my #2 strength in the Strengths Finder 2.0). I love finding a new t-shirt, a recipe, a new artist, and somehow, I have found myself finding a lot of cat themed items. Now, I am 100% of a dog person, but my friend Sarah is a wonderful crazy cat lady and I often share my cat crazed finds with her.

You GUYS! …Cats!

And you might not believe me, but cats kind of rule the internet…  there’s a lot out there. And without realizing it, I was sharing something with her at least twice a week. It dawned on me, I have stumbled upon an unintentional hobby. What, might you ask, is an unintentional hobby?

Unintentional Hobby – Noun.

  1. An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time that they were not initially aware of. Similar to a habit, which is simply a routine that goes unnoticed, but one that that brings joy.
  2. A hobby one simply stumbles upon and continues without making the conscious decision to do so.

Not that this is actually a term, but the thought of an unintentional hobby really intrigued me. Have you ever realized that you have one? Perhaps it is a collection of antique rings that you find you have started to collect, or that you always have interesting scents lotions to use at your desk?

As for my hobby, here are some of the recent cat finds I had sent to Sarah in the past few weeks:

This Ms. Cat illustration

ms cat

This sweater from Culture Flock Clothing

take naps pet cats

And one for dog lovers!

This crazy cat lady t-shirt

stay at home club

This shark cat bed

shark cat bed

This Mew-tiful dress!

spread the mews


Hi! I'm Alyce.
Welcome to my journey towards living a happier and healthier life while living with PTSD and chronic pain... and never letting it keep me from my passion for Halloween, cooking, and way too many DIY projects... all at the same time!


  • She’s too cute to be a scary clown, unlike her counterparts. The green stripes are in reference to Cringe’s twin, Sinister the Clown. The masks are the same, but slightly different pain, I might have to give Sinister some love as well. #hauntlife #clown #clownmakeup #sfxmua
  • Another makeup I did before haunt started that I wanted to get up@yet this year. I was trying to force myself to do makeup outside of my haunt duties, so i went for recreating one our our actual clowns, Cringe! I believe his actual mask was done by Shattered FX. #clown #clownmakeup #sfxmua
  • You can almost ignore the lip placement on this one. What look should I do next? Ive been in a dark place for the last two months, and while I’m feeling like myself again enough to want to do something, I’m also thinking it won’t necessarily be a “bright” or cheery look. Maybe I’ll surprise myself. #grinch #grinchmas #grinchmakeup #sfxmua
  • You guys are so wonderful! I’ve gotten great feedback from friends, and I’m starting to see past what bothered me before. I need to start loving myself a bit more, and stop letting my self doubt from getting in my way. #grinchmas #grinchmakeup #sfxmua
  • Ever create something that didn’t live up to your expectations, so you didn’t share it? When I did my Grinch last year, I wanted to take inspiration from one of my favorite horror artists, @mrrevenge, and modify that grin onto what I already had. It was 2am when I started making my evil version, so i took a shortcut by trying to save most of my cheek wrinkles, and it caused the mouth placement to be off. Looking back now, I still wish I had done the mouth differently, but I can always try it again. #progressnotperfection #nofilter #sfxmua #grinch
  • Finishing up the Shego 3pack in the hopes I will do something new here in the next week. I’ve been utterly exhausted since haunt... I have too much of my introvert self up in the past 5 months and it’s taken everything I had. The last month has been good recovery. I’m working on setting new goals and starting to feel excited about makeup related things again. Take care of yourselves  introverts. #selfcare #introvert #hauntlife
  • “I got an early parole, only here to say hi.” Can’t stop Shego feom@coming back atcha! Ok, serious question, who wants to see a glam Dr. Drakken? #kimpossible #shego #halloween
  • Got to work with my sister on a test makeup for her Halloween costume and we both did Shego makeup together! I know she has black hair, but my only black wig just wasn’t working. She did fantastic for her first time! #shego #kimpossible #sistermakeup
  • When you are so busy with #hauntlife you forget you have Instagram. I’m pulling together a video shoot for our haunt trailer video and an #sfxmakeup internship for aspiring artists. I sleep too, sometimes.


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